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Mantra Samui Resort - Temples


If you would like to experience and understand some of the Thai culture, there are many exquisite Buddhist temples found all over Koh Samui. The Big Buddha temple, (known locally as Wat Phra Yai), is the most well known and many tourists go to marvel at the sheer size and beauty of this remarkable sight.

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The Kunaram temple is another popular cultural attraction which is home to Samui's most famous mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng. He died during meditation and his body has been preserved in this position to inspire future generations to follow his Buddhist teachings. Trips to many of these magnificent temples are included in island tours, but visitors can also reach them independently should they wish to explore on their own.

Mantra Samui Resort - Waterfalls


Koh Samui has some very amazing and picturesque waterfalls that many people visit throughout the year. A couple of our favourites which can be reached quite easily include the scenic Na Muang waterfalls - a set of two cascading waterfalls each with an inviting pool at the bottom in which visitors can swim.

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These waterfalls are located inland approximately 12km south east of Nathon Bay. During your trip to the waterfall you can also stop off at the Muang Safari Park, located between the waterfalls, to see some elephants and even have a ride on one! Located in the jungle just south of Nathon is Hin Lad waterfall. This is a stunning spot where visitors can have a swim to cool off while enjoying the beauty of the waterfall’s surroundings. Visitors can also explore the Hin Lad Waterfall Temple, which is located in a peaceful and tranquil spot on route to the waterfall.

Please note that these waterfalls are not as plentiful in the very dry seasons, but whenever you visit - don’t forget to wear a good pair of shoes!

Mantra Samui Resort - Ang Thong Marine National Park


The Ang Thong National Marine Park is a protected area of 250 square kilometres and formed of more than 40 small islands of all different shapes and sizes. Some are simply tropical-forest covered rocks, and others are little islands of paradise with white sandy beaches and coconut trees. There are many different tours on offer to visit the stunning marine park, which makes a fantastic day out for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

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Motorbike Tour

Motorbikes are the best way to get around Koh Samui – they are cheap, they can be parked anywhere and they give us the flexibility to explore any part of the island.

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Safety tips:

1, Find a reliable car rental company (Mantra Samui Resort also provide rental

service), buy a insurance at the same time.

2, Check and make sure the motorbike is in good condition, wear helmet when driving,

3, Find out where the closest petrol station is before your hit the road, there are 2 kinds of petrol that fits motorbike on the island: E20 and 91#.

4, In Thailand you have to drive on the left hand side of the road, be aware of that.